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Johannesburg, South Africa

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A world leading blended learning company in soft skills.

Training alone increased productivity by 22% while a combination of training and coaching increased productivity by 88%.

Develop Your Leader Skills

The role of a leader is one of the most important in organizations. Learn how to be a leader others are inspired to follow.

Build Sales Excellence

Chart has been providing sales skills training for 30 years. Become great salespersons by learning what it takes to attract customers.

Build Excellence in Customer Services

Today’s Customer Service needs more than interpersonal, face-to-face or phone-to-phone skills. Let Chart help you become exceptional professionals.

Build High Performance Teams

Team building is essential in the business world. Our blended learning program covers the four stages of building a high

performing team.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital Technologies change the way we work and communicate. Study the global standard and industry-recognized online courses in Digital Marketing.

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