How to Ignite your Resilience

How do you play this new game well and keep on playing it?

As we slowly return to normal coming out of the lock down, the reality of our unreal new reality slowly sinks in. We have all heard about the new normal, now the action need to start and it is going to extra-ordinarily hard.

How can ordinary people cope with this? You need to be resilient and do so in very creative ways. Let me share some thoughts on this.

You can win by playing your inner and outer game well. Your inner game is your perceptions, what you tell yourself, how you see the world. What are you asking yourself in your business? What are you asking people in your business? How do you reply to negative comments?

Your outer game on the other hand is what are you busy with. What actions are you taking?

The key to a successful outer game in extra-ordinary situations is what actions do you DO that impacts your business positively and what actions do you AVOID that impacts your business negatively.

Here is some pointers on staying resilient in this new long game:

  1. Plan your future

  2. BUT first optimize all new opportunities presented.

  3. Make current opportunities part of your longer term plan.

  4. Learn lessons and do not include them in long term planning.

  5. You can only control your business if you control your emotions - get rid of the emotion of fear.

  6. Empower the people in your business. The more resilient they are the more you will be.

Take note:

The only way to end first is to put yourself second

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