Empathy - Our Key Ingredient

The effects of the reality is becoming clearer every day, and the impact it has on businesses becomes real.

The impact on businesses is on it's performance, sustainability and goal achievement. Most importantly it has a destructive impact on people, as this is were jobs are lost and livelihoods are destroyed. For the above average business owner that cares and believes that life has a bigger purpose than business achievement, this reality is a self destructive thought. It impacts people at the core, and it hurts.

The crisis we find ourselves in has resulted in goals well set, being destroyed, this puts us into a frantic spin and we freeze. Then nothing can happen, because we are frozen. This is so real in the current reality, and I want to acknowledge that you are going through a very hard time. I also want to inspire you to deal with the affected people with empathy. Please do not tell them that you know how they feel, because you do not, and cannot. You are not them!

Give them time to talk, and offer a place were somebody actually listens.

ASK for guidance. Most times Optimization is a great counter to Destruction. A business Coach with Empathy, Understanding and a Positive foundation, might be a route to consider.

Here is some ideas that can help you in difficult conversations:

1. As a leader you need to anticipate were a situation is going.

2. You need to know when to pause.

3. Step back

4. Evaluate

5. Brand your response with Empathy.

6. Never reply (emotional), always respond (with empathy)

Make the best of the week ahead and reach out.

We are ready to serve


Jurie Venter

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