Being Agile - the difference between winning or losing!!

We are in an environment where everything changes constantly and consistently.

If there has ever been a time to be able to, guide your business through the ability to pivot it is now. The only way to do this is through proactive big picture thinking and an ability to make quick medium risk decisions.

How are you going to keep up with the changes? Will you stay on the defensive or enable yourself to be offensive. Being defensive hardly ever creates positive momentum in any business, it just drags you down and your business will follow soon.

In challenging conditions , being able to pivot creates opportunities. In boxing the counter punch (in business - "The Pivot") has resulted an many knock outs.

In stead of constantly managing change, why don't you be the change and disrupt the trend?

  1. Start with yourself - man is what man sees.

  2. Motivate your team.

  3. Get buy in from your stakeholders.

  4. Have a vision

  5. Practice

  6. Execute

All fights , even in business will have a break between rounds. Stay vigilant , pivot when needed and get back on track.

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