The Veteran Series is a comprehensive, “graduate-level” library of ten learning modules designed and produced for seasoned leaders who choose to take their understanding and skills in leading culture to a championship level. Seasoned “vets” can select one or all modules for self-development and as the basis for teaching those they lead. Keystone’s Veteran Series is the elite-level training program for healthcare leaders to fine-tune and practice their skills as leaders of culture in high-performing organizations.

The Veteran


The Rookie Series is a two-module package designed to introduce all employees, leaders and emerging leaders, to culture in organizations. Training will include practical and basic understandings of how culture affects performance of teams in organizations. The series also provides a framework for the user to build his or her personal “game plan” for becoming a culture leader within the organization. At Keystone we believe the Rookie Series is the foundation for creating high-performing and sustainable culture and that every member of an organization mustbe unified in understanding “what is culture, and how does it affect an organization?”

The Rookie


The CulturePro Series™ is an online series of video education and training modules designed and produced specifically for healthcare organizations. The CulturePro Series™ is designed with a focus on Culture as the principal driver of performance in organizations. Dr. Daniel K. Zismer and Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht have created a unique, affordable, and scalable approach to reaching every individual in your organization with a sound and effective grounding in the connection between a well-designed and practiced culture as the key to championship performance. The foundation of the curriculum is championship cultures are decided, designed, deployed and directed and culture is the leaders’ choice

CulturePro(TM) Video Series