About Us

Jurie Venter matriculated from high school as Head Boy and Deputy Junior Mayor of the Local Municipality, after which he obtained his Baccalaureus Commercii (Accounting) Degree from the University of the Free State.


Within his father's family automotive business he was earmarked to take over the entire firm and he therefore took a comprehensive training and development route to ensure his full potential will lead to the ultimate successful takeover.


During his twelve year career he engineered and successfully executed multiple business turnaround strategies, and as a result received multiple awards, including Dealer of the Year and The Global Quality award for the best customer service in Sales and Service. 


The family business was successfully sold after which Jurie relocated to Gauteng, starting a successful career within the corporate automotive industry. He was originally employed by CDK Global UK as a Pre-Sales Manager, however, was promoted to Director of Operations role only eight months later. In this role he was responsible for all aspects of Operations including, but not limited to, Revenue Planning and Forecasting, Project Management, Implementation Consultancy, Training and Customer Service.